What are parents saying about My Smart Hands - Des Moines?

We liked the songs, the photographs of the signs in the manual, the toys and books available for kids to play with in class, and Melissa's cheerful personality--she really engaged the kids!

Simon and I had a great time! Simon loves signing (both doing it himself and watching others), and he also had fun interacting with the other kids and grown-ups.

We liked everything about the class!  It was a nice, small, friendly group.  I loved that it was in a home and kid-friendly, too!

Melissa does a fabulous job!

Drake soaked up so much from class. One evening we were reading a book and the moon was in it and he just whipped out the sign for moon--I didn't even remember it. He impresses friends and family all the time with his large vocabulary of sign words. He started putting two words together and will ask help please. Adorable. We look forward to taking another class!

I really liked the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone with kids!

Great job! I can't wait for Level 2!

Good class size

Easy and helpful activities

Melissa did a great job being prepared for lessons, looking up signs we asked about the week before, and offering to let us come early if we missed the previous week's class. Thank you!

My son really enjoyed the singing!

It's a great class, just long enough, and Melissa is excellent at keeping the class going even with all the distractions.

The opportunity to watch the signs in action really helped.

Great environment, friendly instructor, good way to learn.

I will recommend this to my friends!

I liked the small class size. I was able to ask questions, and interaction with the instructor was easy.

The signs we learned are all important signs for this age group.

I loved the songs, location, and smaller class size.

I love that my son can communicate more and can show us some things he can't say yet.

Thanks, Melissa! You're awesome!

It was fun to learn signs that our son uses every day.

My daughter enjoyed it so much, and it's so beneficial for her to be around the other kids in class!  She seemed to really pay attention to the songs and has thrown a sign out here and there.

I've recommended this class to my family and friends!  It's a positive atmosphere, and Melissa is so bubbly, excited, and personable!

I love that we have a manual to take home for reference.