Imagine communicating with your baby
before he or she can even speak.
Imagine being able to communicate more effectively
with your toddler to stop tantrums in their tracks.
Imagine you as your preschooler's first teacher,
helping him or her learn to read.
Now you can!
Baby sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development, and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.
Research shows that preverbal infants can communicate through the use of sign language long before they can verbalize their needs.  More than that, research also shows that children who use sign language as infants and toddlers tend to have larger vocabularies, learn to read sooner, and have higher IQ scores than their non-signing peers.

At My Smart Hands, we will give you the skills and knowledge you will need to communicate with your preverbal, hearing baby, create a more effective mode of communication between you and your toddler, and become your preschooler's first and most important teacher.
Come take a class with My Smart Hands and learn how to sign with your child!